Donna Hsieh graduated with Master of Arts in Christian Studies from North American Logos Evangelical Seminary in 2017. Since she accepted the Lord 35 years ago, she has served in the children’s ministry for nearly 28 years. She studied in Kansas in 1994 and obtained a master’s degree in Human Resources Development. After graduation, she moved to Southern California. In 2000, she responded to God ’s call, and enrolled in the seminary. While she was in the seminary, she also served a full-time “children ministry and church administrative” position in the Great Commission Church International.

After married to Mr. Josh Liu, she focused on building their family and raising their son JD. They had attended and served in ministries at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills for more than 10 years. In 2014, she served at the human resources department of the Logos Evangelical Seminary. Because she values the children’s spiritual life and the needs of children ministry in North America Chinese Church, she obeyed God ’s call, to established children’s Ministry with a mission to second generation and teaches the children not to turn away from God
even when they are old.