OCCEC was established in 1987 by a small group of Christ followers. We believe and submit to the Bible in its entirety as the inspired Word of God, without error.
We believe that the Bible is our only authority, we are saved by faith alone, Christ alone should exalted, we operate by grace, love is the highest virtue, the Gospel is the greatest message, the Holy Spirit continually transforms His people, and we do all this solely for God’s glory.

  • 1987—In May, eight families who shared a common vision from God, started this church. In the early days they met at Costa Mesa Harbor Trinity Baptist Church, eventually founding this non-denominational independent church.
  • 1989—God led Pastor Jonathan Cheng (鄭隆保) to shepherd OCCEC. He became the first Senior Pastor of the church. Due to his faithful service the number of congregation increased steadily.
  • 1993—The church purchased the current building, by October the initial remodeling was completed. The building was dedicated on December 4, 1993.
  • 1995—Pastor Bertram Wong (黃道遠) began English Ministries.
  • 1998—Pastor Jeff Whisman worked hard to develop the English Ministry.
  • 1999—God led Pastor Stephen Kung (龔可珍) to our church as the second Senior Pastor.
  • 2003—Entering the 21st Century, our congregation increased rapidly due to the increase immigrants from mainland China, therefore, several fellowships were added. The church went through a major renovation to accommodate the growing congregation. In the same year, Pastor John Harris was hired to lead the English Ministry.
  • 2004—The renovation project was completed In February, Pastor Timothy Lin (林道亮) dedicated our new sanctuary.
  • 2006—In October, Elder Chien Ming Lee (李前明) was ordained as pastor and sent as a missionary to mainland China. His main mission is to teach and promote Theological Education by Extension (TEE). Later that year, Pastor Jen-Chung Chen (陳建中) was sent to Ker Jia Zhuang (客家庒) as a missionary.
  • 2007—In March, Pastor Jih Der (Job) Wu (吳繼德) was hired as the Assistant Pastor for the Chinese Ministry. In June of the same year, Brother Ken Hsu (續明凱) was hired as Minister for the English Ministry. He was put in charge of the Youth ministry. In October, OCCEC celebrated its 20th Anniversary; Pastor Caleb Huang (黃子嘉) was invited to lead a special revival meeting.
  • 2009—In January, Pastor Grant Chen (陳宗清) was invited as the Acting Senior Pastor, he started to strengthen OCCEC’s prayer ministry.
  • 2010—In October, Brother Paul Tsai (蔡正驊) was hired as Chinese Minister.
  • Children Ministry is crucial to OCCEC. In the past, Sister Lisa Cha, Sister Jean Lee and Brother Robert Wood led Children Ministry. September 2011, Sister Geraldine Lee was called as Acting Director of Children Ministry to develop the ministry.
  •  2015—In April, Pastor Terry Lee (李鐵) was called as our Senior Pastor, and Pastor Ted Kau (高得仁) as our English Pastor in August.
  •  2017—OCCEC celebrated its 30th anniversary. In February, Pastor Terry Lee (李鐵牧師) retired and returned to China. Pastor Grant Chen (陳宗清) again served as part-time Acting Pastor.
  • 2018—In December, Pastor Norman Chung (鍾舜貴) was called as Senior Pastor.

God has been incredibly gracious to us these 30+ years. We are excited to partner with Him to further the Gospel and His Kingdom