Children’s ministry is for children from preschool age to 6th grade. We have programs that take place regularly throughout the week and we also have many special programs taking place during various holidays throughout the year.



2022 兒童事工消息NEWSLETTER

2022 暑期聖經學校VBS

2022 VBS 报名连接 Registration link:


2022 Leadership Training 高年級領袖訓練課程

OCCEC Family Mission Education 中福家庭宣教教育

OCCEC Mission Family Education.pdf
OCCEC CM Mission Video 2020

2020 兒童暑期線上營
Children Summer Online Camp

因應COVID-19學生們在家學習所遇到的難處,教會兒童部、提摩太小組及本地宣教部門聯合籌辦「免費網上課輔事 工」,現徵召線上老師,歡迎弟兄姊妹上教會網頁了解詳情 並掃碼報名參加。青少年可將之用於社區服務時數。

  • OCCEC兒童暑期線上營現在招募所有科目教師:數學,閱讀,寫作,科學項目,唱歌和中文班。 這些時間可用於社區服務時數。The OCCEC Children Summer Online Camp program is recruiting teachers on all topics: Math, Reading, Writing, Science project, Sing-along and Chinese classes.  These times can be used for community services hours. 
  • OCCEC兒童暑期線上營為暑期後升上幼稚園 K-六年級的學生舉辦。課程安排計劃:早上-學科班和下午-興趣班課程。 只有兩梯次:6/22-7/10 和 7/13-7/31. The OCCEC Children Summer Online Camp program is open for K-G6 students. Two sessions: 6/22-7/10 and/or 7/13-7/31; AM-Academic courses and PM-Special Interests classes. (Online details)

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